Mr. Imran Moiz Khan

Chairman Board

Mr. Imran Moiz Khan

It is the great pleasure and opportunity for us that for the first time, Government of Pakistan trusted on private sector and transferred substantial amount of funds to private sector and, resultantly, Government of Sindh sanctioned Rs. One Billion for distribution amongst the four Development Management Companies (DMCs) for the Industrial Areas of Karachi, i.e., RS250 million for each of the four DMCs. It was, no doubt, a big challenge for the private sector that it has to achieve the targets given by the Government to private sector.

Prior to the grant of funds, and for the last 25 years, the condition of the industrial infrastructure in the area was adversely deteriorated, as there were no streets and roads lights, no sewerage lines for proper storm water drainage, streets and roads were badly damaged and thus there was no conception of transportation. ubsequently, accepting the challenge, we started planning for the developmental activities according to the requirements of our industrial area on self reliance basis, which involved streamlining the sewerage system, rehabilitation and construction of roads, installation of streets lights to eliminate darkness in the night, construction of footpaths to facilitate transportation. In this context, I am thankful to the City Government, especially Syed Mustafa Kamal for his sincere efforts made for the development of drainage / sewerage system in the industrial area.

Immediately after this implementation, we started planning and prepared 3 PCIs for therehabilitation and construction of roads; first PC-I costing Rs. 250 million was prepared for sectors, 12—C & lZ—D, 6-B & 16—B. The second PC—I of Rs. 60.0 million was prepared for Sector l6—D in Gabol Town, whereas third PC—I amounting to Rs. 250 million was prepared for the construction of Roads 9100 & 92100 which is rapidly underway and would likely to be completed by January 2011.

Moreover, being an exceptional project, our Company recently started the installation of , solar energy lights and the roads and streets in the industrial area for-the maintenance of close monitoring of exit control system for the effective security purpose. Our further plan is to build fire station and labor facilities in the industrial area, establish 10-bed hospital for providing immediate health facilities and also a vocational training institute for the development of labor skills.

We hope that the Federal Government of Pakistan will provide us more funds fulfilling their promise to further promote and uplift the face of trade and industry in the North Karachi Industrial Area.